The impact of snowdrift on the transportation system has in recent winters been severe, e.g. temporary closed roads, cancelled flights and delayed trains. In the climate change forecasts the experienced conditions are expected to increase. Snow drift is one of the major impact factors. Forecasting of snowdrift and snow maps allows the society to allocate resources and take measures to meet the weather challenges.

The snowmobile based tourist industry in the northern mountain regions of Sweden is expanding rapidly and serves as economic basis for an increasing number of local residents. Snowmobiles have a capacity to easier trigger avalanches due to the higher impact of the vehicle on the snowpack compared to skiers. Avalanche forecasting is essential for the industry in the long term in order to provide safe services and a long-term income for the residents. Avalanche forecasting is also important for the mines in the Kiruna region and their transportation need to the shipping harbour in Narvik. Along this transportation corridor both railway and highway are affected.

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