Technical reports

Project reports have been published on the different project segments. The reports describe the work done as well as the functionality of services and products.

Links to reports:

Weather and avalanches, WP2: Analyses on weather leading up to avalanches on the target roads.

SM4 snow sensor, WP2: Testing the SM4 automatic snow sensors in three different countries.

Run-out indices, WP2: Calculation and utility of Icelandic run-out indices for all avalanche target roads.

Avalanche Services, WP3: Avalanche services for road authorities and road users developed within SNAPS.

Snow maps based on satellite data.

Snowdrift modelling, WP5: Development of a snowdrift model and schemes for a snowdrift forecast.

Forecasting the snowpack structure, WP5: Testing the Crocus snow model.



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