Project reports

Technical reports

Project reports have been published on the different project segments. The reports describe the work done as well as the functionality of services and products.

Links to reports:

Weather and avalanches, WP2: Analyses on weather leading up to avalanches on the target roads.

SM4 snow sensor, WP2: Testing the SM4 automatic snow sensors in three different countries.

Run-out indices, WP2: Calculation and utility of Icelandic run-out indices for all avalanche target roads.

Avalanche Services, WP3: Avalanche services for road authorities and road users developed within SNAPS.

Snow maps based on satellite data.

Snowdrift modelling, WP5: Development of a snowdrift model and schemes for a snowdrift forecast.

Forecasting the snowpack structure, WP5: Testing the Crocus snow model.



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