Final workshop in winter conditions in Ísafjörður

  • Final SNAPS conference in Ísafjörður

The final workshop and conference in the SNAPS project was held in winter conditions, stormy weather and snowdrift. The people coming from Finland, Sweden and Norway were picked up at Keflavík airport and driven to Ísafjörður. The mountain passes on the way had heavy snowdrift and strong wind speed, and quite some snow on the road. Everything worked out well and the result was an impressive demonstration of snowdrift as a problem on Icelandic roads.

The first day started with an internal workshop where the final work in the different work packages were discussed. After that we had a sightseeing tour around the area looking at avalanche prone roads as well as new avalanche defense structures that have been built in the area over the last few years to protect settlement. An open meeting were held in Súðavík about the results of the SNAPS project for the road between Súðavík and Ísafjörður: the avalanche forecast and avalanche warning system. The meeting was well attended and the attendees expressed how pleased they are with the products of the SNAPS project and their hope for continuing development of the services. The day ended with a final project dinner at Hotel Ísafjörður.

On the second day an open conference was held in Ísafjörður where the results of the project as a whole were presented. The conference was well attended even though not everyone who registered was able to come due to cancellation of flight from Reykjavík because of bad weather. The specialists working on the project presented the snow maps created within the project, the weather and snow models, the snowdrift forecast as well as the avalanche forecasting service and warning systems and the tools developed for that. Furthermore, the chief constable in Ísafjörður and the mayor of Súðavík talked about the effect of avalanche danger on transport and the societies in the area.  All presentations were tape recorded and will be available here on the SNAPS website.

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