Final workshop and conference in Ísafjörður, Iceland

The conference will be held at Hótel Ísafjörður on February 12th from 9 to 16:30.  The products and services developed within the project will be presented:

  • Snow maps in near real time for target areas based on satellite data
  • Operational runs of snow models
  • Snow drift model and forecast
  • Tools for avalanche forecasting
  • Operational avalanche forecasting for roads
  • Dissemination system for information on avalanche danger to road users

The project work has been interesting, especially the dialogue between specialists in the field of satellite data, snow modelling, snow engineering and avalanches which was fruitful. We have learned that there are many similarities

between the four countries, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland when it comes to snow challenges on roads. However, some things are different, especially  how the different societies deal with the problems and what is considered acceptable.

The agenda for the conference is here

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