Productive workshop in Luleå

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    Luleå workshop

Avalanche forecasting: Data on weather and avalanches are being collected for the avalanche target roads in Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Statistical analyses have started for the Icelandic part and a programme written for that purpose. SM4 sensors have been installed in Iceland and Norway, and will be installed in Sweden this fall. The design of an operational avalanche forecast will start in the fall.

Snow mapping: Three different types of snow maps based on satellite data have been created for the target areas in all countries. The aim is to start showing them in near real time on the SNAPS website soon. Products based on snow maps and numerical weather prediction models are under development.

Snow models: Already developed snow models have been linked to weather prediction models that are run in the Northern Periphery.

Test runs are being made for last winter. Snow drift forecasting: Instruments for verifying snowdrift have been tested and a simple snow drift model has been developed. The use of snow models will be explored.

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