Avalanche cycle in the Icelandic target area

In the beginning of January a public meeting had been held in Sudavik to introduce the SNAPS project and a new information system. People had the opportunity of joining a list of people who will get text messages in their phones whith information on avalanche risk on the road. This is still in the trial stage and the formal avalanche forecasting method is still under development. The information system was tried for the first time during the January avalanche cycle. The people on the list got a message warning about an upcoming avalanche hazard when the weather forecast was bad, then they got the information that there was some avalanche risk on the road but it had not been closed, and at the end they got the message that the road was closed due to avalanche hazard. They also got a text message when the road was open again.
This flow of information worked well this time and many of the people on the list have expressed their gratitude for this trial system. It makes it easier for people to make decisions on their travel, and to get home in time before the road closes. It should also direct most of the traffic into safer periods.

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