SM4 snow sensor

Automatic snow depth and snow temperature sensor

The SM4 snow sensor is being tested out in the SNAPS project and methods of taking advantage of the data for avalanche forecasting developed. The instrument was developed by POLS engineering in Iceland. The goal was to develop a simple, robust unit with a low operating cost that may be easily installed on steep hillsides. The snow sensor (SM4) consists of a series of digital therm­ist­ors mounted with a fixed interval on a pole that extends through the snowpack. Measurements from the thermistors are logged with a few minute interval to an internal memory chip and are transferred regularly to a central computer through a wireless connection. The data are displayed on the website

More information on the sensor can be found in a paper that was published in the ISSW proceedings in 2008. Another paper on the usage of the temperature profile from SM4 in avalanche forecasting has been submitted to the ISSW proceedings 2012

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