Work Package 1

Management, coordination and communication

The lead partner holds the responsibility for the WP as a whole, and handles the overall coordination and management.  However, all partners will contribute to the WP e.g. by preparing material

The work package has four tasks: 

  1. Project coordination: Formation of a Project Steering Group (PSG). The group will be following up on activities and deliverables. Planning and overall management of internal communication structure.
  2. Administrative management: The project office will take care of budget and accounting for the project.
  3. Exploitation and implementation: The coordinator will have overview over the exploitation and implementation of the products. However, each WP leader is responsible for the implementation of the products from his/her WP.
  4. Official website. Management of the website. Relates to WP6.

The work package leader is Harpa Grímsdóttir, IMO.

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