Work Package 6

Interface to the public and intustries

  1. Communication plan: The group of communication heads (section 7) will make a plan for external communication based on section 7 in this application. The group will also prepare media packages approximately twice a year.
  2. Promotion: Preparing material for the official web site. Preparing and giving presentations to different target groups outside the partnership. Writing papers and articles for journals and newspapers etc. Making leaflets and other promotional material.
  3. The transport authorities in each country will assist in creating a group of road/railway users that will be involved in the project. The groups will consist of public travellers that use the roads in the target areas frequently and representatives from industries that depend on the transport route of concern. Each group will reflect the situation in the area of concern. For example, in Iceland, people that drive on the roads in the target area every day for work will be invited to join the group as well as trucking companies and fish industries in the area. In Sweden, snowmobilers using winter roads in the area will be one of the target groups, in addition to motorists and industries.
  4. A special website, in connection to the internal website of the project, will be designed for the end users groups. It will contain news on the project, chat area for people to share opinions, draft material created in the project for feedback and, as the project proceeds, link to test products/services such as snow maps, snow drift forecasts and avalanche warnings. 

The design of the service components, especially for the public, will be a part of this WP. The final design will be the result of a joint effort by partners, associated partners and end users groups:

       5.      Snow maps

       6.      Information on road conditions, including avalanche warnings

       7.      Snow drift forecasts

       8.      During the whole project period the critical groups will receive material and be involved in meetings.
               Track will be kept of all input and feedback from the groups.


A part of the work in this WP will be done by the associated partners and therefore is not included in the SNAPS budget.

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