Work Package 5

Snow mapping in support of avalanche hazard monitoring and road weather prediction.


  1. Exploring the use of satellite remote sensing in forecasting avalanches and snow drift in the target areas: This is a novel approach and hence the first task in this work package will involve exchange of information between experts in the relevant fields (remote sensing, avalanche hazard monitoring).
  2. Determination of snow properties and prediction of snowdrift: This will be achieved by combining the satellite-based products and results from numerical weather prediction models. These tasks will serve the steady monitoring of avalanche hazard to roads, railways, skiing areas and highland areas open to ski-doo and super-jeep travel.
  3. Application of Edinburgh University snow model: A dedicated snow model and data assimilation system of Edinburgh University will be applied for combination of satellite-based and conventional observations with the fine-resolution numerical weather prediction model output.
  4. Explore other potential use of snow maps. Although avalanche hazard is the main incentive for the tasks of this work package, participants will also explore the wider use of results in studies of climate, climate change, vegetation, wildlife and hydrology and for tourism and hydropower utilization.

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