Work Package 2

Avalanche forecasting -l information, data and instruments


The work package consists of 8 tasks:

  1. Preparation of avalanche databases: The avalanche records for each of the regions of concern will be put in a database in a convenient form.
  2. Definition of avalanche starting zones: The outline of the most likely avalanche starting zones will be drawn in a Geographical Information System (GIS).
  3. Run out calculations and definition of avalanche paths: The location of the road/railway relative to the avalanche starting zone will be calculated using different methods that have been developed in the different partner countries. Two dimensional run out calculations will also be used to define the outlines of the whole avalanche path.
  4. Automatic snow measurements: An automatic snow sensor that is being developed in Iceland will be tested in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The aim is to add an important decision tool to the avalanche forecast, and to develop the instrument in accordance to situations in different countries.
  5. Correlation between weather and avalanches: The correlation between weather data and avalanches will be estimated by using expert knowledge as well as statistical methods.
  6. Snow layer models and information: Different models will be explored and a methodology on how to include information on snow layering in the forecasts developed.
  7. High resolution weather forecasts: On demand high resolution weather forecasts will be tested as an input to avalanche forecasts.
  8. Snow maps: Feedback will be given to the work in WP 5 were snow maps will be developed with avalanche forecasting in mind. The methodology of using snow maps for avalanche forecasting will be developed.

Today, the partners are on different levels in the different tasks and the aim is to, share ideas, methods and instruments, and also to add components to the basics of avalanche forecasting that have not been used before in any of the partner countries.

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