SNAPS: Snow, Ice and Avalanche Applications

The  SNAPS project  focuses on snow and avalanche services for transport infrastructure in selected areas within the Northern Periphery in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The main partners in SNAPS are institutes that have expertise in snow, ice and avalanche science. Transport authorities and local authorities participate as associated partners.

Avalanche forecasting systems for transport authorities will be developed from scratch in some areas and existing services improved in other areas. The result will be a similar avalanche-forecasting package in all target areas, delivered to transport authorities by institutes that have expertise in avalanche forecasting. This will give local transport authorities an important tool for making decisions on closures of roads/railway lines and warnings to the public.

Near-real time snow cover maps will be made available online to the public in the target areas and they will be further developed to become an input to snowdrift and avalanche forecasts aimed at transport authorities.

To ensure that the services created in SNAPS will be of best possible use for end users, a group of road/railway users, which will be included in the project, is created within each partner country. The groups are expected to give feedback on services in the trial stage.

SNAPS will result in safer and more efficient transport in the target areas and it will, therefore, increase the competitiveness as well as the sustainability of the communities.

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